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About Microgreen Silo

This Is
My Story

Photo of Milos Vukcevic on the About Microgreen Silo page

Meet Milos Vukcevic – Founder of Microgreen Silo

Hello there, I’m Milos, creator of Microgreen Silo.

I’m a blogger, gardener, husband, and father with a Bachelor of Agricultural Science – BAgSci from Massey University New Zealand.

I’m excited to share my story behind Microgreen Silo.

My family photo
From Left To Right: Oldest Brother Vuk, Dan, Me, My Mom Veselinka, And Her Best Friend Lepa. On The Couch Is Lepa's Husband Alec. Circa 2000

This story began with a cherished Slavic tradition from my mom, Veselinka – growing microgreen wheatgrass to predict the year’s prosperity.

Before Christmas Eve, usually on Saint Nicholas Day, December 19th, she would plant wheatgrass, symbolizing a good harvest, traditionally adorned with a red ribbon and a lit candle.

Slavic Christmas table set with wheatgrass, straw, bread ,nuts and apples.

Later, during my teen years, in early 2004, she was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. She had three surgeries in an attempt to remove the tumor, and every time, the cancer came back stronger than before.

Not long after the surgeries, she tried to treat her cancer using wheatgrass. I would help her cultivate, juice, dry, and make powder.

Even though she was very sick, she knew this wouldn’t cure her illness; she made up a story about how wheatgrass could help her beat this thing to comfort me. Before passing, she told me the truth: she just wanted to spend as much time with me as possible.

I grew and consumed so much raw wheatgrass juice during this time that the mere smell of it made me feel sick! But I did it in solidarity with my mom in hopes it would cure her; life, though, had other plans.

She passed away in early 2005, on January 5th.

After her passing, I continued growing wheatgrass. I transformed her tradition into a personal passion.

What started as a coping mechanism evolved into an obsession with growing various plants as microgreens. From cultivating radishes to popcorn, I just went crazy at all the possibilities.

Since then, I’ve faced countless challenges and learned from numerous mistakes.

That’s why I created Microgreen Silo – to share my insights and help you grow amazing microgreens while avoiding the pitfalls I encountered.

Milo's Signature

Ways I’ve
Destroyed Crops

The amount of times I’ve drowned seeds and crops.
The amount of times I’ve frozen my crops!
The amount of times I’ve burned my crops to a crisp.
The amount of times I’ve starved my crops.

The Grand Vision
Behind Microgreen Silo

Empowering Through Knowledge and Abundance

From my earliest days in 1987 to now, my curiosity and determination to make a difference in the world have never wavered.

This unwavering commitment is the driving force behind Microgreen Silo. I believe that everyone should have access to FREE information on growing healthy vegetables and microgreens.

Photo of Milos when he was a young boy
Here's me dressed up in my granddads suit and briefcase believing I would change the world circa 1994

A World of Possibilities – Our Vision

My vision is simple: I want Microgreen Silo to provide FREE global access to knowledge, enabling people to cultivate healthy microgreens for themselves, their families, and their businesses.

Nurturing Your Microgreen Journey – Our Mission

My mission is clear: to inspire you and equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to grow exceptional, healthy microgreens for personal use, sharing with others, and even building a business.

Microgreen Silo is your gateway to achieving these goals. This platform is your comprehensive resource for mastering microgreens, from cultivation to care, and from overcoming challenges to realizing your green dreams.

This Website Is For You If:

  • You want to learn everything there is about microgreens.
  • You want to grow and care for microgreens.
  • You want to prevent and stop common pests and diseases that affect microgreens.
  • You want to build a business around microgreens.

All you need is a willingness to learn, a small growing area, and a modest budget for equipment. The rest is covered by Microgreen Silo – your partner in microgreen success. Dive into our microgreen varieties and embark on your journey today!

Remember, Keep Your Hands In The Dirt! 👨‍🌾

Greenthumb Squad

Introducing the Heart and Soul of Microgreen Silo

Allow me to introduce the remarkable individuals who make up the Greenthumb Squad – my family. Each member contributes their unique expertise to Microgreen Silo’s success.

Profile photo of andrea with a red dress
Wife/Mother/Head Chef

Andrea is the culinary genius of our team, transforming simple ingredients into delicious masterpieces. She’s not only the head chef but also the guardian of my wallet!

My daughter Mia inside a tube slide
Daughter/Flavor Expert

Mia, my spirited 4-year-old daughter, holds the title of Flavor Expert. With her discerning taste buds, she decides whether a flavor is a triumph or a toss!

Profile photo of Tamara in a vineyard
Nutritionist/Smoothie Queen

Tamara, our resident nutritionist, keeps us on the path of health and vitality. Her smoothies are more than just drinks; they’re nutritious works of art.

Profile photo of Mike wearing a blue t shirt
Agronomist/Dirt Enthusiast

Meet Mike, my father-in-law and the agronomist of the group. He’s the soil science guru, answering all soil-related queries and ensuring our microgreens thrive.